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Save Me, Daddy by Jess Bentley


Some cherries are too sweet not to pop…


The Chi Ro Pi Cherry Pies make me feel like I finally have a home again.
But when they send me to their Sorority ‘Bake Sale’ in a skimpy halter-top,
I find out the cherry pie they’re selling is… my virginity.
Up on that stage, I’m more vulnerable than ever.
Until he takes me in his big, strong arms.
I want to stay there forever... if he'll let me.
I can’t wait to show him just how grateful I am.

Save me, Daddy!


Virginity auctions aren’t my thing, but when I find the Chi Ro Pis holding one in my building?
I’m furious.
I’m clearly too old for these girls. Ex-military. Way too tough for college kids.
But then she steps on stage. Soft, delicate, beautiful.
Practically trembling in fear. Lost. Bewildered.
She actually thought the Cherry Pie auction would be selling baked goods!
Even as she quivers in fear, my cock is stiffening.
I want to protect her. I want to own her.
So I take her, telling myself I’m her hero.
But who’ll protect her from me?

Full-length novel. Standalone, no cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed. For a limited time, Save Me Daddy contains bonus material: Bossy, a Virgin CEO Romance, and ends at approximately 51%.

Save Me, Daddy Save Me, Daddy by Jess Bentley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Save Me, Daddy
Author: Jess Bentley

This is the first time that i've heard about Jess Bentley and Save Me, Daddy was something different. It had a good flow... so much so that by the time i was finished with the book, i was sure i was only halfway through it, which was more than a little surprise. While i thought it flowed well, i was almost expecting more, finding that the end came way too quickly and the subject of bullying touched on just a little even though that Kita's school project is centered around it. It's not your 'regular' Daddy Dom/little girl genre novel, even if Kita does call Daniel 'Daddy', it's more centered around the fact that it's an older man/younger woman romance with the over protectiveness that usually accompanies men of the Dd nature (if that makes sense).

I wish there was more about what happens with the bullying situation surrounding Kita, that there was closure on that aspect. To know what happens to Lizzie and her university career, even, oddly enough, to know if Chi Roh Phi would ever rise up from the ashes while holding on to new ideals rather than the ones that were created with the fictitious bake sale. Albeit all that, i really did enjoy this book, and like i mentioned, just when i thought i was halfway through the book, i was done. The last page flipping through and telling me that i'd have to wait until the next release from Jess Bentley.

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