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Best Real Estate Investing Advice by Joe Fairless


Bam! The advice in this book is like getting hit in the face with life-changing knowledge, free of fluff and packed with incredible, actionable tips for growing your real estate business” – Brandon Turner, Author of The Book on Rental Property Investing

The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever: Volume II is the collection of the top techniques and strategies of the most successful real estate professionals that were interviewed on the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast from episodes 101 to 199.

By reading the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever: Volume II, you’ll discover:

• A step-by-step strategy to quitting your 9-5 job
• How to become an expert at raising private money
• A simple 3-2-1 rule for networking and increasing your circle of influence
• 2 keys to winning at a real estate auction
• 4 differences between a good and a bad real estate deal
• How to accurately qualify a development deal
• And much more!

Whether you have zero real estate experience, are an experienced investor, or fall somewhere in-between, anyone can implement the practical advice from the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever: Volume II to further their investment journey towards financial freedom or take their current real estate business to the next level and beyond

Best Ever Estate Investing Advice Ever: Volume 2 Best Ever Estate Investing Advice Ever: Volume 2 by Joe Fairless
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Best Ever Estate Investing Advice Vol. 2
Author: Joe Fairless

Now, let's get one thing down before i write my sadly shorter than normal review: i don't often read novels of this genre, the kind that is advice or that tells you how to do things right (unless it's for renovations, because that, i'm completely obsessed with). Best Ever Estate Investing Advice is a perfect tool if you're sick and tired of the 9-5 day job and want to branch out, maybe even make some extra funds while you're working your very own job. It helps you understand the ups and down of investment properties, of buying your first home and especially understanding the risks behind it considering how difficult it is to guess what will happen with the real estate market. I enjoyed it, some things i had no idea when i was looking for my own home (which i bought 10 years ago), but some of the advice would have been very useful back then. It made me see how much i didn't know when i did buy my home, using clear examples of people who have made the big break and some failing as well.
Although not something i would reread often, i found this book to be quite useful in understanding what it means to truly immerse yourself in the real estate and wanting to make it a successful business.

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