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Sally by Hedonist Six


Sally is a self-confessed player and party girl. Her life revolves around fun nights out, casual encounters and no emotional attachments other than with her best friend and colleague, Becky. When she is faced with a ghost from her past – Gareth – all the walls she’s carefully constructed around herself fall apart, revealing old wounds she thought had healed a long time ago. He wants a second chance, and she’s shocked to find that maybe she’s not as over him as she would want. Meanwhile, her current suitor, Becky and Sally’s charismatic manager, Mark, is keen to take their casual relationship to the next level.

Sally’s uncomplicated life is about to become very messy indeed.

Sally Sally by Hedonist Six
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Sally
Author: Hedonist Six

So far, I've read a great majority of Hedonist Six's novels and each one is more captivating than the next, empowering women to the point that when you read her stories you feel yourself become part of it. In this book, we meet Sally, a woman with a whole lot of baggage when it comes to her ex, but still has a bubbly and exuberant personality, and her boss, Mark. Although her relationship with Garrett is supposed to be over, she realizes that her feelings aren't as easily forgotten, especially when her boss is actively trying to woo her.

Alongside her best friend, Becky, Sally's antics and situation were so incredibly believable that it was easy to place myself and a best friend in these two. I loved how Hedonist Six made them flawed, not without their own issues and going through what any other woman would go through after a break up and getting back on the dating scene. These are women who rely not only on their friendship to make it through their hard times, but also on their romantic relationships in the hopes that the men will be there to support them no matter what. It's another great read for me from this author and I always look forward to her releases.

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