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Magic Burn by Catherine Vale


Just survive. That's been Kaye's goal since discovering that a murderous Warlock sent a gargoyle to kill her. Now forced into the shadows in search of a powerful dragon clan, as a ruthless army of darkness hunts them down, she must form uneasy alliances, and unravel the secrets of her true identity.

Magic Burn is the second book in the urban fantasy Shifting Magic series. Don't miss this thrilling world of magic, mayhem and sacrifice, in the battle against dark forces.

Shifting Magic Series:

Magic Fire: Book 1
Magic Burn: Book 2 - Now available on preorder!
Magic Blaze: Book 3 (available July 2017)

This book contains explicit language, violence, and content suitable for adults. It also features a fierce heroine, powerful dragon shifter and tons of colorful, otherworldly characters.

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Magic Burn Magic Burn by Catherine Vale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Magic Burn
Author: Catherine Vale

Catherine Vale was probably one of the first authors who solidified my love for paranormal romances, a thought that is often confirmed with each new book of hers that i read, and i try to read each of her books as they come out. Magic Burn is the second instalment from her Shifting Magic series and we get to meet Kaye and Darius as Kaye tries to survive the many targets on her back.

I was an unexpected adventure - i didn't expect to feel such a strong connection with Kaye. The girl who strives to survive with what feels like the world is against her resonated with me. And the fact that Darius refused to leave her side and protected her back no matter what was a quality that i don't think Kaye was used to nor was expecting. I enjoyed this adventure, liked the bond that was building between these two characters and liked revisiting past characters we had met in the previous book. One this is for sure, i'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

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