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Loving Hallie by Krystal Shannan


This princess can’t settle for less than royalty...

Werewolf shifter princess, Hallie Demakis is on the hunt for romance. looking for a mate is harder than she ever thought. Worried that she'll end up with the last guy on her list, she has one stolen Valentine's Day kiss that changes everything.

Sexy and rugged, head of security, Vance LAST NAME just might be Hallie's mate. Despite their growing attraction, her royal status forbids her to be with him and Hallie can't afford to cave to her desires. Pack politics demand her choose a royal mate. But will Hallie forgo her duty and find true passion this Valentine's Day?

Loving Hallie

Loving Hallie by Krystal Shannan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Loving Hallie
Author: Krystal Shannan

There's no ifs and or buts about it, i'm a fan of Krystal Shannan's. her stories, no matter how different they are, always have a link to one another, in one way or another. Her paranormal genre always has the same key elements that makes it coherent and realistic (in its own way), so you now that when you pick up her books, it's not going to be spewing a whole lot of things that make no sense. Which is exactly what i got when i picked up her sixth instalment of the Vegas Mate series, Loving Hallie. I've read previous books from this series, so in a sense i knew what i was getting myself into when i started this one and yet, it also had something completely different that made me inhale this story in one sitting.

It's a quick read; i believe it took me a max of 2 hours to complete, and it was quick. There was an insta-love element that didn't bother me as it normally would since it was well developed in the storyline by fated mates... those stories, i can't get enough, that's for sure. Hallie and Vance's romance is one that was interesting as you could hear the wolves inside them speak out, wanting out and needing to be with the other. It was an interesting concept and i'm not sure if Krystal Shannan had used it in the past, or rather, as prominently as she did with this book. I thought it was something that kept me wanting to know more about the wolves that lived inside these shifters. Knowing how short this story was, i'm hoping that we'll be seeing more of this couple in the future as they do have me curious to know what their future will hold and how this princess and her chosen (or maybe fated?) mate will deal with the many obstacles that i'm sure they're to face.

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